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Rental investment: how to carry out the inventory of fixtures?

Landlords who rent out their accommodation must pay particular attention to the inventory of fixtures, a document to be attached to the lease contract and which aims to protect both parties. Are you about to sign a lease contract with…

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How to invest abroad without traveling?

During this festive season, many of us have made our Christmas purchases directly online, enjoying the comfort of home delivery. However, when it comes to real estate, it seems at first sight impossible to invest in a property without having…

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What to invest in : Real estate portfolios

For several years now, the French have been in favour of real estate portfolios as a means of investment. Stone is reassuring, and it is also an excellent source of return. The participation of real estate investment abroad makes it…

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Buying a property internationally

The internationalisation of savings also applies to international real estate. Investors looking for investment and tax leverage do not hesitate to cross the borders of their country of residence. The investor in international real estate often needs to be accompanied…

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Investing in real estate abroad : the best places!

In today’s society, international real estate stands out more than ever among investment options, as it is both a challenging asset and one of the best opportunities today to generate income while building real capital over the long term. Whether…

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