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From Value to Sale: Steps to Optimize Your Home’s Marketability

When preparing to sell a home, ensuring its marketability is paramount. Marketability refers to a property’s appeal to potential buyers, and the higher this appeal, the quicker and more profitable the sale. RealAdvisor will journey through the intricacies of optimizing your home’s…

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Claiming for work in one’s home

As a tenant you are sometimes forced to do work and this can be the source of many important disputes. This problem has thus been the subject of a serious study by a consumer association. What are the reasons for…

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Investing in new rental property

Whatever the reasons for investing in real estate, it is certain that there are many advantages to investing in new rental property, provided certain standards are applied in the design of the dwelling. The advantages of new rental real estate…

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Moving towards renting or buying? Is it better to rent or buy a property?

The question is not as simple as it seems. Each choice offers advantages and also its share of disadvantages. Whether you want to live there as a family, as a couple or on your own, or even for investments, the…

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Conditions of payment of the security deposit

At the signature of the rental contract, the tenant must deposit a deposit. As its name suggests it is a guarantee against possible situations stipulated in the contract itself. The law for access to housing and a renovated town planning…

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