Buying a property internationally

Published on : 04 June 20203 min reading time

The internationalisation of savings also applies to international real estate. Investors looking for investment and tax leverage do not hesitate to cross the borders of their country of residence.

The investor in international real estate often needs to be accompanied by experienced professionals because the rules of purchase, management and taxation are different from his country of residence and from one country to another.

Real estate experts accompany investors interested in international real estate with turnkey solutions.

International real estate offer is supported by local partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand ….

The objective is to achieve high profitability and freedom from rental management constraints while offering security and transparency to the investor.

Expatriates: Is investing in international real estate a profitable investment?

Like any real estate investment and whatever the location, it is necessary to study the risks and constraints.

Often the best returns are obtained either with commercial or residential real estate that is purchased at a discounted price (USA, Spain, forced sale, cut-to-size, etc…) or invest in a buoyant real estate market based on the expectation of long-term gains.

How is the difference in return made?

By grasping the imperfections of the market, strong bargaining power. Added to this are investment costs, management methods and favourable taxation.

Service providers are experienced and benefit from several decades of experience.

Buying commercial real estate

Commercial real estate, little known to the general public, offers an alternative to residential real estate to revitalize and diversify your assets.

It is classified in 3 categories:

  • The offices
  • Business premises,
  • Commercial premises

Each category has its own investment criteria and reacts differently to cyclical changes in the economy. Investment in commercial real estate requiring expertise and high investment amounts is often made via SCPI or SIIC (listed on the stock exchange). A confidential and qualitative offer in commercial real estate (excluding offices) has appeared allowing to invest from 10 000 € with guaranteed returns.

Property in dismemberment

Buying real estate in cities and neighbourhoods with a high potential for added value or in the city centre requires a high budget. Investing in bare ownership gives you access to these high quality properties with a reasonable initial investment. Stripping property allows access to valuable real estate by paying only 40 to 70% of the market price.


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