Consult the ads for student flat-sharing

To find the ideal roommate, young students pursuing their university studies  will be able to consult the co-ownership ads published on real estate classified ads sites. The search for a student roommate can also be done by contacting professional real estate agencies or by using apartment hunters. Searching for available student flat-sharing accommodation is easy when you search on the Internet. The advantage with this search is that you can find many details about the property you are looking for: location of the student flat share, number of flatmates, whether the accommodation is mixed or not, rent, date of availability... The future flatmate can also find out various relevant information such as the size of the accommodation, the number of rooms, the advantages of the accommodation (soundproofed, quiet, flatmates who appreciate weekend evenings or, on the contrary, flatmates who prefer the quiet to better concentrate on their studies). The search for a roommate online is a process that can be done interactively. In order to filter your search, all you have to do is provide a few details such as the size of the room, number of rooms, type of accommodation, date of publication, monthly rent or number of flatmates.

Why choose a student roommate in large cities?

The main advantage of a student flat share when you want to study in a big city  is that this type of student housing adapts to the learners' budget. Indeed, living in a shared flat is a way of sharing the rent and daily expenses. Opting for this type of student housing allows you to enjoy a large living space without breaking the bank. The principle of a shared flat is that this student accommodation pools a property between several flatmates who have the same rights and duties in relation to the landlords. Each roommate normally has the right to a private space, i.e. his or her own room, while sharing common areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom or a garden. This type of accommodation appeals to many students, as 83% of the people surveyed appreciate this accommodation for the financial advantages.

Which student profiles really benefit from shared accommodation?

In order to live in a shared flat, you have to be able to support others, accept life in a group and not neglect your share of the work. Those who are looking for a student flat share in Lyon and who accept the basic rules of this type of accommodation will be able to make significant savings in terms of rent, electricity, water or Internet subscription. Living at the same time with other young people makes it possible to meet other young people. Co-running a spacious apartment is more interesting than staying isolated and confined to a studio. In addition, sharing chores reduces the number of daily chores.
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