What to invest in : Real estate portfolios

For several years now, the French have been in favour of real estate portfolios as a means of investment. Stone is reassuring, and it is also an excellent source of return. The participation of real estate investment abroad makes it possible to free oneself from most of the constraints linked to rental property. Real estate brings stability and security to your portfolio: Investment property is part of a patrimonial logic. Its relevance must be regularly reviewed in the light of your wealth objectives, family finances, your tax situation, etc.

Real estate portfolios

They include real estate that may be held directly or indirectly through investment income. Real estate investments in France are expected to decline in 2019, despite the fall in interest rates. This is partly due to taxation on rental income and the risk of a real estate bubble. There are, however, more than profitable and low-risk investments such as real estate investment holdings abroad. Investment companies offer portfolios in rental real estate, offices, shops, housing, etc. You can invest and benefit from a stable return on investment of up to more than 6% per year. These real estate portfolios have different levels of profitability. It is not necessarily those that your banker advises you that are the most profitable since he will propose you projects in the hexagon in which, then make your own investigation.

Investing in real estate abroad

While French property prices, particularly in Paris, are rising at a record pace, investment in major European cities such as Spain and Portugal is finding new appeal. Indeed, the French real estate market is less and less accessible despite the low interest rates. Real estate prices are exploding and investing in France is no longer accessible to everyone. Spain and Portugal, favoured by heliotropism, are still popular destinations for investors. Moreover, in 2018, one out of every three buyers in Portugal was French. In Spain, the French were the second largest foreign buyers behind the British. A trend that continues to grow, with new French investors taking an interest each month in the foreign property portfolios offered by the major private investment groups.
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