Cases for carrying out a property valuation

Published on : 08 June 20202 min reading time

Having your property appraised is necessary and essential during a sale in order to determine the right price. To do this, the call to an expert is always necessary, but there are still some basics to be attached to in order to have a little idea of how the thing works. These tricks will then allow you to take action on the property, such as preparing a transfer for example.

The basics of a real estate valuation

During a property valuation, important facts will gauge the final price of the property. Above all, there is the influence of the environment, the attractiveness of the area, the notoriety of the neighbourhood and the presence of shops and schools nearby. These facts will influence the final price. Also, the characteristics of the dwelling will influence prices as well as its defects.

Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the property will determine its price per square metre. Real estate agents have evaluation tools that allow an objective price. Finally, it will be necessary to avoid confusing valuation and expertise, because if the first tends to define the fair price of a dwelling, the expertise will consist in determining the rental or market value of the property according to the financial, technical and legal parameters.

How to have the property appraised?

Various means exist in order to effectively estimate a property. First of all, there is the valuation by a notary with whom the property can be efficiently evaluated if it is included in the project from the beginning. It is also possible to carry out the valuation through a real estate agency. Usually, these agents do it free of charge since it is a good way for them to get in touch with the client and subsequently propose the sale of the furniture through the agency.

Regardless of the region, calling upon an expert is a good alternative as well, such as a real estate expert in Nantes for example, who will be neutral in his judgment since he will have nothing to gain from his expertise. Finally, it is also possible to use the internet to make the evaluation, but the accuracy of the evaluation will still leave something to be desired.

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