Calling on the services of a trustee’s broker to change trustees of co-ownership

More and more co-ownerships are not satisfied with their trustee. But changing them requires a serious search to find the appropriate candidate. To achieve this objective, it is essential to call upon the services of a trustee broker. Focus on this optimal solution.

Information on the trustee broker

As with insurers and banks, the precept of brokerage now applies to condominium trustees. A concept that stems from a real need for intermediaries between trustees and individuals. The operation of a trustee brokerage requires following a few steps. First, it is necessary to meet with the syndical council. This action is essential to grasp the meaning of co-ownership and to control its motivation. Then, the broker takes charge of making an inspection of the co-ownership and examines the minutes of the last general meetings, to begin his audit. The co-owners also establish the criteria that they consider indispensable for a syndic. These include the geographical approach, the size of the business, access to the building's documents via an online server, etc. As for the co-ownership regulations, this is compulsory. Together with a description of the division of the building, it determines the common and individual sections and the conditions of their use.

Why replace the syndic of co-ownership?

At the end of its syndic's mandate, the syndicate of co-owners is obliged to make an important decision concerning the life of the community. It must make a decision if it is going to change the syndic's contract with its administrator of property. If not, it must find another one and renew it. Note that there are several reasons that can explain the change of trustee. Moreover, the importance of the services belonging to the trustee obliges him or her to perform his or her duties perfectly. In addition to experience and competence, certain qualities remain crucial for the liquidator. These virtues include advice, availability and the ability to listen. In the case of a lack of these qualities, it is difficult for the syndic to carry out his function as agent of the co-owners' association. Several conditions force the syndic to change syndicates of co-ownership: appalling administration of the property, excessive fees, promises not respected, especially with regard to services, etc. The goal is to ensure the smooth running of the community and, above all, the proper management of the collective property.

Why hire a trustee broker?

You are no longer satisfied with the services of your syndic of co-ownership. You want to change them. Know that such an action will be possible, but cannot be improvised. To find the best trustee, you must ask for the help of a trustee broker. There are many reasons why co-owners want to change trustees. They think, for example, that this one is not suitable. They also believe that the trustees apply fees that are too expensive and that these could be reduced by a competitive bidding process. So, a trustee broker is used to ensure a qualitative and above all very competitive trustee contract and to avoid getting the wrong trustee. As far as the syndicate of co-ownership is concerned, it is indispensable to guarantee the proper functioning of the management of the collective parts and the immovable. This proves that a change of syndic needs to be represented by a syndicate. Its missions can be summed up in the preservation of the building and its good management. In this respect, it meets in a general meeting once or several times a year to take decisions relating to the building. It should be noted that these must be taken by vote. Once a decision has been taken, the Syndic de copropriété is responsible for carrying it out.
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