Claiming for work in one’s home

As a tenant you are sometimes forced to do work and this can be the source of many important disputes. This problem has thus been the subject of a serious study by a consumer association.

What are the reasons for the tenant's request for work?

At the time of the inventory of fixtures everything seems to be in good condition. However, after a few months of renting, the tenant perceives major defects in the dwelling: a parquet floor that is beginning to warp, or a water leak in the roof... Unfortunately, such disappointments are much more frequent than we think. But whose fault is it? We often tend to put the blame on the owner. But in this respect, one is not always right, because the owner can himself be the victim of a not very careful construction company.

Why so many faults?

The problem of faulty workmanship in apartments is far from being an isolated case, which proves the lack of training and the lack of skills of some professionals. Parallel to this concern for faulty workmanship, we can also note the concern for non-conformity, i.e. a delivery of equipment that does not conform to our order, or sizes that are not adapted.

Consumer protection

In addition to the major concerns mentioned above, fragile companies are also filing for bankruptcy. What can be done in this case? And how can we protect ourselves from such an unpleasantness? Unfortunately it is often difficult for owners to assert their rights, and in most cases it is the owner who suffers the financial losses. So to protect yourself against this kind of worry, it is better to be considerate and sign a contract with a guarantor who will take charge of the work in case of bankruptcy.
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