Moving towards renting or buying? Is it better to rent or buy a property?

The question is not as simple as it seems. Each choice offers advantages and also its share of disadvantages. Whether you want to live there as a family, as a couple or on your own, or even for investments, the possible and sensible answers cannot be the same. In big cities, to name but one, acquiring a property to live in is not easy for everyone. We must therefore turn to the property rental market. From an investor's point of view, again in these two cities, it will be obvious that with a minimum of interest, a property will be rented without delay. In smaller cities, on a human scale, such as Amiens or Roanne, to name but a few, the choice is greater, the possibilities and opportunities more numerous. For couples, singles or families, there are plenty of real estate properties for sale and rent, be it a house or an apartment. For investors, there are so many possibilities to invest well, and in the end find tenants quickly.

The acquisition is preferable on the long term

Renting is convenient because there is nothing to plan, nothing to maintain, or so little. On the other hand, no assets are built up. At the time of retirement, for example, one must continue to pay the rent. By buying a house in Roanne (or elsewhere, for example), once retirement comes, there is no more rent to pay if the credit is repaid. Yes, there is still maintenance, but it is nothing compared to a rent. Whether to live there or to make an investment, it is always interesting to focus on these smaller towns, and also to go to agencies who know the local market, its evolution and who have a large number of properties available immediately. These "small" agencies offer much more service and quality of service than the national groups that navigate from city to city looking "just" to place their properties. The sale of houses in Roanne has been going well in recent years. Other cities offer a similarly high quality of life, but of course they are not in the same situation. It is a point to look at as well, the proximity to the south, beaches, sun, and even more, with public transport, major roads, airports and TGV stations. So many little extras that in the end improve the quality of life without making these municipalities cities where real estate is reaching new heights.
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